Banner in Arts & Letters


Banner in Arts & Letters

This banner was posted yesterday in Arts & Letters by a group of students in response to their friend’s assault at the hands of a DePaul athlete.

Instead of working to dismantle rape culture, and teach attackers and assaulters they have absolutely NO right to violate others, DePaul University issued a non-statement failing to take any real action or accountability to right this gross act of violence. In particular, DePaul University is more concerned with protecting athletes who continue to sexually assault others with impunity. Is this what students are paying for with tuition? Is this behaviour in accordance with DePaul’s supposed Vincentian values? I don’t think so.

The non-statement is as followed:
“DePaul strictly prohibits sexual and relationship violence; it takes seriously allegations of all such violence,” DePaul spokesperson Carol Hughes said. “All students who violate the university’s Code of Student Responsibility are subject to DePaul’s Student Judicial Process and the sanctions of that process. Moreover, DePaul provides a variety of support and resources for survivors.”

The DePaul Athletic Department has no further comment.

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