Talk of a “post intersectional” utopia is bullshit

this is a must read!

Media Diversified

 by Huma Munshi

I was not politically conscious or an activist as a student despite studying politics. I was a bystander but then circumstances propelled me into something much more and once your consciousness is raised it is hard to curtail the activism that can come with it. The pivotal movement for me was connecting with other feminists on social media and recognising the patriarchal structures which had led to myoppression, compounded by my experiences as a woman of colour. That connection and my lived experience continues to fuel my activism.

So arriving to see Professor Crenshaw at the London School of Economics, the university I studied my politics undergraduate degree, was a rather special experience. Professor Crenshaw is famous for coining the term “intersectionality” to describe the cross-cutting oppression and discrimination black women face.

Chaired by Dr Purna Sen, the talk assessed the validity of the notion…

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